How quickly will my kit ship?
   Your kit will ship the same day your order is placed & paid if ordered before 5pm EST M-F, or Noon EST Sat.
    Orders placed after these times or on Sundays will ship the following day.
How quickly will I get my kit?
   This is the #1 question.  It depends on shipping method and your location.  In most cases your kit will arrive       in 5 business days.
    Please refer to the Shipping & Policies tab for more detailed information.
There is a problem with my order?
   We are terribly sorry there is an issue.  Please email us at info@draftkits.co so we can resolve this.
Do you accept returns?
   Yes, within 14 days of purchase.  Please refer to the Policies tab for more detailed information.
How secure is my payment?
   Incredibly secure.  Your payment is processed by Paypal, and we never receive the details of your payment,
   only a confirmation your order was paid.
How is my privacy protected?
   You personal information and privacy is only used by us to complete your order. 
   Additionally, we will email you a few times each season to remind you it’s time to order and offer special             discounts.  If you wish to no longer receive these emails, just click on unsubscribe.